Davey Hamilton Jr.'s

Open Wheel Showdown

The best open wheel racers in America are set to battle at the Bullring in Las Vegas for $200,000. Catch it LIVE on SPEEDSPORT.TV

About the Open Wheel Showdown

Introducing the Open Wheel Showdown – a modern-era Copper World Classic that marks the pinnacle of pavement short-track racing. Created by the passionate Davey Hamilton Jr., this prestigious annual event is set to take place at the iconic Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring.

Prepare for a thrilling debut featuring Winged Sprint cars and midgets, with plans to include Non-Winged Sprint cars in future editions. The adrenaline-pumping Winged Sprint car class will compete for a staggering $50,000.00 top prize, making it the highest-paying pavement Sprint car race globally, with $2500 to start.

Davey Hamilton Jr.'s vision is clear – to establish the Open Wheel Showdown as a must-attend event, drawing competitors from across the nation. Beyond the glory of victory, this race offers participants the chance to vie for substantial cash prizes, perform in front of enthusiastic fans, and potentially unlock new opportunities for their racing careers. Join us in elevating the sport and making history at the Open Wheel Showdown.